Biopod Black Soldier Fly Compost Bin

The Biopod Black Soldier Fly Composter

The Biopod Black Soldier Fly composter is ideal for home composting food waste with soldier fly larvae (BSFL).

  • BSFL can compost stuff that worms just can’t including meat and dairy.
  • BSFL make excellent treats for pet reptiles or for chickens.
  • The Biopod allows the larvae to self harvest, you just empty the collection container to feed the chickens,.
  • BSFL deter the presence of houseflies and other disease spreading flies.
  • Adult soldier flies have no mouths or stingers so the can’t bite, sting, regurgitate or defecate to spread pathogens.
  • BSFL have an ability to lower levels of pathogens like E. coli and salmonella within their habitat.

The Biopod features:

  • Durable Construction
  • Reliable Drainage
  • Self Harvesting Larvae Ramp
  • Self Contained Collection Contianer
  • Swing Away Lid

We are offering the Biopod at a special price of $179 + $30  (Total $209)  shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.

For information on other uses of BSFL you can order Black Soldier Fly- Ecotechnology for a Sustainable Future for Kindle Click Here

The above book is also available as a PDF Click Here