February 20


951 gph Pump For Compost Tea Brewing

Today I’m going to review the exact air pump I use to brew compost tea for my own lawn and gardens. I brew in 55 gal batches in a homemade airlift brewer (not a vortex) and this pump does the job at a very reasonable price. When secured to where it can’t move around this pump is pretty quiet, moves all the water in my (fairly large) batch of tea every 3.5 min. I’m coming into my third season of nearly weekly tea brews and the pump is giving no sign of having problems. For an airlift this is overkill for a small 5 gallon batch of tea but on an air-stone type brew would definitely provide adequate oxygenation. Overall I’m very pleased with this particular air pump. The hose does sometimes slip off the air fitting but this is easily fixed with a hose clamp or a zip tie.


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