Get The Help You Need To Start a Business From Your Worm Hobby

  Larry has over 45 years of worm wrangling experience. He started his own business at 13 selling nightcrawlers for bait.

  Since then, he’s started several other businesses (not with worms) and has gathered a lot of information, contacts and expertise.

   He's been an administrator for several worm farming Facebook groups and spent several years getting newbs started with vermicomosting. Now he's decided to help more experienced worm farmers step it up by teaching advanced methodology, especially in the field of worm husbandry (breeding).

We want you to succeed

  Elite Worm Breeding is a program Larry started in 2018 as a result of constantly being asked how to increase worm production for a commercial scale worm sales or composting business.

  Worm farming at the hobby scale is easy, deciding to make it a business is hard work on a different level. When you join the Elite Worm Breeding community, you'll get access to an active Facebook group where Larry and successful students can help walk you through any problems you may encounter. 

Elite Benefits

When you join the Elite family (we're a smallish group)

Discover advanced techniques and methods

 After spending thousands of hours studying out of print books, scientific research papers and interviewing professional worm growers, we've learned a lot of techniques that are kept secret. In Elite these methods are uncovered. 

Grow your worm population like magic

   Common belief among novice worm farmers is that red wiggler populations double every 90 days. With a little math we can see the fallacy of this belief. 

  Studies suggest red wiggler worms can produce 3 to 4 eggs/week and each can contain 3 babies average.   With just 2 worms then at 3 eggs/worm and 3 babies/egg thats potentially 18 babies/week or 9x reproduction/WEEK not per month. 

Opportunity for networking with other students.

   Join a private Facebook group and be invited to a backup Discord (on request) where you can ask your questions and get feedback from others who are doing it

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What Students have to say

Chris Brewster

Houston Worms

I Couldn't Have Gotten Started Without It

I estimated my cocoon count of batch 4 and I’m at 5175 with 488 worms... that’s pretty much 100% efficiency right? I thought my numbers were off but I was very careful with my calculations.

 Thanks for your program. I wouldn’t have gotten started without it.

Chris Lee

House of Worms (Tasmania)

Working Flawlessly

Just thought I'd  let you know that your elite breeding system has been working flawlessly.

 I'm doing things a little different than what you teach as far as the bedding goes, but as you say... "make it your own"... and it seems to be working for me and consistently getting good results.

Emily Leuba


Thank You

Thank you so much for developing and sharing the Elite Worm Breeding program with myself and so many others.  Although it hasn’t been easy, I can honestly say that when I took the risk and finally ramped up my tray numbers and buckled down to perfect my method that I am reeling in more cocoons than I could have imagined.

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