November 15


A New Worm Bin Is coming

I’m excited to let everyone know there’s a new worm bin being released early in 2018. Dubbed the Urban Worm Bag ,it may look very similar to another worm bin you’ve seen me recommend in the past. There are some important differences and what should prove to be great improvements. 

  1. Urban Worm Bag actually comes with a painted metal stand. No chasing down materials and painting it yourself.
  2. It’s lower for easier feeding and a lower center of gravity , so it’s less wobbly and easier to put in food.
  3. Extra stitching means long life.
  4. A sturdy, marine grade zipper replaces the drawstring in the competitors bag. no escaped worms or casting falling out on the floor.
  5. A new material is designed to better capture moisture so it should need less moisture added.
  6. The frame pockets are the full length of the bag. No zip ties and no corners coming apart.

The harvesting area is fitted with a sturdy, marine grade zipper to eliminate the “mess” factor. This should also mean no more building a false bottom to keep materials inside the bag until processed and less unfinished compost in the first harvest.

 Frame pockets the full length of the Urban Worm Bag will provide a sturdier and longer lasting base. Because the frame is included you always know the bag will fit the frame.

The included metal frame is painted with deep corner fittings to minimize the risk of collapse or tipping, The designer is a dad and was concerned about the Urban Worm Bag falling over on a child.

There’s a generous amount of space inside the Urban Worm Bag and because of the breath-ability it will hold nearly double the worm density of a plastic bin. This means it will process 1-2 pounds of waste every day.

This is what you get in the package when you receive your Urban Worm Bag. Everything you need to set it up and get started within the shortest time possible. Within minutes in some cases.

The Urban Worm Bag is sleek and looks good. It could be kept out in the open as a conversation starter if you wanted to.


Stephen Churchill

Steve is the designer of the Urban Worm Bag and is a father, USAF reserve pilot and a commercial pilot. He still finds time to run a blog and a worm business at UrbanWormCompany.com and is now releasing his first physical product. The Urban Worm Bag

Available For Pre-Order $79

 I should have an Urban Worm Bag in my hands early in the New Year. At that time I’ll do an unboxing video for YouTube and a full product review. Steve has informed me that once released officially the price will increase to $109 (at least) so I wanted you all to get a chance at a discounted pre-order price.


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