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About Larry

I was born in rural Ontario Canada and raised on a small but mostly self sufficient homestead. At a very early age I was begging to learn to read. Once I learned to read it was something I did to the point of concern for my mother.  She was concerned that I’d rather read a book than socialize with friends. During my teens. alongside my dad I raised beef cattle and made some money toward further education. During the same time I sold bait worms on an honor system basis, spending days in school and nights picking nightcrawlers building my savings for books and tuition.   In 1989 I moved to Peterborough, ON to begin a robotics engineering/manufacturing science program; long term the goal was to build prosthetic devices for amputees and children born with abnormal limbs.  The profs went on strike that year and, living in a leased apartment away from home quickly started depleting my savings. I couldn’t continue formal education beyond the robotics program as I’d planned. About the same time manufacturing companies were closing and downsizing so employment opportunities in my field were dwindling. Too proud to move back to small town Ontario I worked odd jobs 18 hours a day to scrape by. In 1995 I married my lovely wife Stephanie. In 2007 our first child was born a boy we named Christopher. in 2011 another son surprised us with his arrival, Logan. Logan was just “different” and was slow to walk and talk, in 2012 he was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder and in 2013 he stopped talking at all and was diagnosed with autism.  He remains non verbal today. I guess Logan is partly the reason I returned to my roots in gardening, which led me back to worm composting. Knowing that modern medicine is powerless I sought help through healthy foods. As I’d always done I read obsessively and connected with like minded folks on Facebook.

In 2014 our only baby girl was born and we named her Brooklyn.

I’ve begun this blog because I discovered a lot of misinformation about soil, gardening and worms was being repeated until believed to be truth.

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