November 30


Apartment Vermicomposting

One advantage of vermicomposting over building piles that heat up to create compost is the smaller space needed. Vermicomposting can be done in a tiny apartment with some imagination. Under bed storage bins, under sink containers from office trash cans or virtually any container can be used. Even if you can’t compost all of your food waste worms can reduce how much you have and make a difference. You’ll be able to use it on houseplants or share with friends.

Under the bed bins like this are an easy way to hide your worm farm away in an apartment . You could spray paint the outer side to block any light, but it should be dark enough under your bed for worms anyway. Just need to start with some torn pieces of corrugated cardboard some worms and your food waste. the large surface area of these allows for more food waste to be composted than a deep bin with less area. Leave the lid off and lay something like bubble wrap cut to fit on top of the bedding to allow airflow and reduce escapes.

Keeping your food waste in an under-sink caddy until you’re ready to feed your worms is a good way to keep disposal handy and easy so it doesn’t become bothersome. Try to always keep it as easy as possible so you keep it up.

If you cover food waste with another layer of torn cardboard you can avoid fruit flies and bad odors ….it shouldn’t ever stink. Try to get the feel for how much your worms can eat so as to not overfeed, that’s when you can run into problems with critters and odors. If your worms can’t keep up, then trash what they won’t eat, you’re still doing more than most people are.



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