February 13


Beast Worm Bin Plans PDF + Videos

Continuous flow through worm bins are the envy of commercial worm casting producers. With an easy harvesting method with castings that are almost worm free, these bins make casting production easy.

Australian worm farmer Brian “The Worm Man” Donaldson is the creator of The Beast Worm Bin Plans PDF + Videos. For the price these are probably the most comprehensive DIY continuous flow worm bin plans available. With a 50 page PDF17 videos to rent or buy for a maximum cost of $37 USD this is a bargain (similar plans elsewhere are $50 or more without the videos

With minimal DIY abilities and a few tools you can have a mid scale castings producing bin going in a weekend.

The photo above is of 2 Beast bins each 10 square feet placed back to back.


New to CFT’s? I’ll email you a FREE guide that Brian has graciously allowed me to offer you.



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