Can A Worm Bin Save My Marriage?

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Totes of lawn thatch

Every year I rake and gather my lawn thatch. Every year I try to vermicompost it. Every year I get in a battle with my wife and another with a swarm of fungus gnats.

I really like the texture and quality of the worm castings from using thatch but those gnats about drive us from our home.

Sticky strips, mosquito dunks, and sprays I’ve had to go into full on beast mode against the gnats for several years running- all the while with my wife nagging “these little bugs are driving me nuts” I told you not to bring that sh¥t into the house!”

This year I’m gonna try again BUT I’ve got a plan 🤪 a crazy plan that might just work. I’m going to keep my mouth shut and cram my Urban Worm Bag all the way to the brim with thatch from the lawn. The fabric construction and sturdy zippers should become a hellish prison for the gnats and all that thatch should be a smorgasbord or the worms.

Worm bag full of thatch

So far my experience has been that the Urban Worm Bag retains almost perfect moisture with the lid zipped shut. Further experience is that thatch decomposes, and the worms work it from bottom to top where it’s moist and makes contact with the other bedding. Once a week I plan to unzip it a little, stick in a vacuum cleaner hose and try to dispatch as many gnats as I can that might be trapped. I’ll add moisture if necessary, zip it back up and walk away. If this works as I’m hoping I should get good compost AND a wife who is none the wiser to my normally gnat infested, springtime obsession.

Urban Worm Bag loaded and zipped.

*UPDATE* I put the thatch into the Urban Worm Bag about 2 weeks ago and just didn’t get to publish this post. So far I haven’t seen a single gnat in the house. I’m really excited for how it’s going so far. I haven’t had to add any moisture either, it’s staying exactly as I want it. 

Larry Shier

  • Shaul says:

    Title needs to be changed from ‘worm bin’ to ‘worm bag’. A worm bin won’t prevent flies from escaping into the house but a worm bag will. Of course it’s also necessary to hang sheets of sticky, yellow-colored fly paper, as well as having an electric bug zapper nearby as added insurance because eventually you’re going to need to open the cover and if you have a fly problem, then they’re going to get out. I have a UWB v.2 and for the year that I’ve used it so far, fly problems were very much reduced.

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