Cleveland Champion

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bring-your-used-jack2016 has brought an NBA championship home to Cleveland with the Cavaliers. Baseball’s AL championship home with the Indians. A good year for Cleveland!

There’s another, lesser known champion in Cleveland, a champion of the environment and worm farming. Michelle C. has for the second year sent flyers home with Trick or Treaters, looking for parents to drop off their used Jack O’ Lanterns, pumpkins, leaves and other organic autumn decorations. All this material, plus more that Michelle can find is composted with the help of Michelle’s growing worm population.

michelles-garden-3 michelles-garden michelles-garden-2

Michelle is following the “Food not Lawns” doctrine and converting the front of her suburban home into a veggie garden with splashes of colour from some planned ornamentals.

I “met” Michelle when she took the Facebook groups “Red Worm Composting” and “Vermicomposting-Worm Farming” by storm as an eager newbie. She worked very hard to learn all she could and quickly earned the respect of the administrators and was soon promoted to one herself. Michelle is always happy and eager to help out people with questions.

Michelle’s goals include beginning a bait worm business, lowering her own grocery bill, and perhaps selling some fresh, organically grown produce.

All in all Michelle should serve as an inspiration to what one person can do with a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work. Hats off to you Michelle!

We will have future updates on Michelle’s progress.

Larry Shier