Attention Serious Worm Farmers

new online course teaches the secrets to More Worms with insane results - Guaranteed and risk free

And If it doesn't work I'll pay YOU!

  Should you consider a worm business or expanding your worm farming?

  Take a look at what's happening right now to many large worm farms

Circumstances affecting the supply of castings and worms:

  • Wildfires
  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding


 The demand for castings and compost are being affected by:

  • Desire of the public to live a sustainable lifestyle
  • And legalization of cannabis

Incredible Opportunity


   In economics 101 you learned the basis of a free market is that as supply decreases and demand increases prices also increase. A big price increase seems likely.

  The larger farms are courting the cannabis growers and selling fewer worms to meet that demand.

  There's an opportunity to create a side income from worms and castings, selling locally and with or without a website. 

Not a techie?

  Using free, local online classifieds like Kijiji, Craigslist and Gumtree it's possible to sell worms and castings without needing a website or having to package and ship across the country.

  If you want to sell by mail order you can use eBay to list worms too- you just have to follow the rules.
  You don't need a website, or you can start earning some extra cash before getting one going.

Great! But How?
  I've put together a course to teach worm farmers how to massively increase their worm (re)production.
  If you've ever seen the lie that red wigglers double in 90 days you may be skeptical.


  Research shows that red wigglers can produce 3 or more egg capsules a week with 3 or more babies to a capsule.

  Let's do some math

2 worms x 3 cocoons each= 6 cocoons each week

6 cocoons x 3 babies = 18 baby worms a week.

  Simply put if one worm produces 3 cocoons with 3 babies in a week that's a population increase of 9X in just a week!

​  These are closer to the numbers we will strive for together. 

through 16 lessons You Will Learn step by step:

  • Ideal densities to stimulate breeding
  • How to create ideal conditions
  • Recommended foods for reproduction
  • Harvesting schedules
  • How to grow bigger, fatter worms
  • How to harvest cocoons as another product to sell
  • And MUCH MORE. 

You will Get:

  • 16 learn at your own pace lessons (many with videos)
  • Lifetime access -one time payment
  • 1:1 coaching if requested
  • Downloadable eBook 
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Downloadable list of items you need
  • Free access to all future lessons and updates
  • Access to a students only, private Facebook group.

Who This Is Not For:

  • Anyone squeamish about reproduction
  • Anyone who is content to just compost a few scraps
  • People without motivation
  • The videos are amateur quality, if that bothers you don't join

What Students Are Saying

Thank you so much for developing and sharing the Elite Worm Breeding program with myself and so many others.  Although it hasn’t been easy, I can honestly say that when I took the risk and finally ramped up my tray numbers and buckled down to perfect my method that I am reeling in more cocoons than I could have imagined.

Emily Leuba Blogger and YouTuber

Just thought I'd also let you know that your elite breeding system has been working flawlessly.

 I'm doing things a little different than what you teach as far as the bedding goes, but as you say... "make it your own"... and it seems to be working for me and consistently getting good results.

Chris Lee - House Of Worms- TASMANIA

 I estimated my cocoon count of batch 4 and I’m at 5175 with 488 worms... that’s pretty much 100% efficiency right? I thought my numbers were off but I was very careful with my calculations.

 Thanks for your program. I wouldn’t have gotten started without it.

Chris Brewster - Houston Worms

Your instructor

  Larry Shier started in worms as a teenager selling fishing worms.
That was in 1984. In just a few years of selling worms he had made enough to pay his college tuition. 

  Today Larry is considered by many as a go-to guy for practical worm farming information. 

  He's self published 2 books, one on blue worms and the other on black soldier flies. 

  With no related academic degrees, he's self taught and learned much through failure and now knows what it takes to succeed.

The Guarantee

  I am so confident you can succeed with the methods in Elite Worm Breeding that I'm willing to bet my own money on you with a 110% money back guarantee. 

My success revolves around your success. In order to succeed you have to try. So all you have to do is get set up in time to do two 21 day breeding cycles in the first 60 days. 

No refunds until AFTER 60 days then you'll have a 15 day window to prove it didn't work for you. 

If you document your progress with photos or video inside the Facebook group and don't see how you can massively increase your worm population after 2 cycles I'll PayPal you all your money back + 10% just for giving it an honest try. 

I think that's more than fair, don't you?

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