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Dear worm farming enthusiast:

  You know how satisfying it is to watch the plants in your garden almost jump from the ground. To see more flowers, bigger and tastier fruits and veggies. You know how gratifying it is to have worms eat your waste.

Something is happening right now that is changing the face of worm farming.

  • Wildfires, flooding, hurricanes all of these have hit some of the largest worm farms really hard. 

  • Legalization of cannabis in many regions is creating a huge demand for worm castings.

  • Costs for managing waste products is increasing 

  • Predictions are that carbon neutral or carbon negative companies will have tax advantages in the future.

  • The big worm casting producers are chasing the cannabis growers.

  • The big worm farms have had their ability to keep up reduced and the demand is growing

This is creating a vacuum in the market for local castings for local gardeners and worms to aspiring worm farmers too. 

As demand continues to increase prices for worms and worm castings is set to skyrocket.

All of this presents an opportunity that has never existed before.

The opportunity for locally selling worms and castings to neighbors in your community. Using Craigslist , Gumtree or Kijiji or whatever your local online classified ads; you can have a small business going in no time-all from a hobby you already enjoy.

  Recently Matt, an acquaintance of mine placed a local Craigslist ad to sell worm casting. He had a pretty good supply on hand and placed the ad as an experiment. Within 6 hours he pulled his ad. He had sold all the casting he had and had orders for another 150 pounds. He doesn’t yet have enough worms to keep up with the local demand. This was in February, not even the peak time for planting in the USA where he lives. 

  His ad experiment verified to him that his plan to have a small business starting with local sales was a viable way to earn money to expand.

  Now what’s Matt doing to get more worms to produce more casting and expand his little side income to try to become a full time business? 

  Matt is taking an online course on worm breeding. 

  He’s getting mentored by someone with decades of experience. 

  Matt is gaining confidence in his abilities to meet demand locally and is hoping to get an online presence to fill orders in an expanding area. 

  Can you do the same? 

  Can you take advantage of the increasing demand for worm castings to take off some pressure of paying your monthly bills?

  Could you use some coaching and mentoring to build your confidence? 

  This help doesn’t look cheap on the surface, $199 is a substantial investment for a lot of people, especially when there are no refunds. I take a lot of time with each student to ensure their success. You wouldn’t work hard for a boss that asked for a refund on your paycheck. The $199 doesn’t cover minimum wage for the hours I spend coaching. 

  This isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. If you are lacking in gumption, spend all your time watching reality shows and complaining you don’t have time; this ain’t for you.  If you are deep in debt and can't pay your bills I don't want you going deeper in debt or taking food from your families table - get things a bit more comfortable and come back. 

If you're getting by but struggling to stretch the paycheck until the next one then this could be what you need, to bring you to comfortable.

Successful people invest in themselves and knowledge is an investment. 

"People with money would rather pay $1000 for 10 pages of good information than $10 for 300 pages of fluff" - Gary Halbert

On to what the course is about:

Something that's frequently thrown out as fact is "red wigglers double their population every 3 months." This statement is a blatant LIE!

Assuming it takes 2 worms to reproduce compare doubling every 90 days calculating with just 2 worms in ideal conditions for one week:

2 (worms) x 3 (cocoons) x 3 (babies/cocoon)= 24 babies potentially EACH WEEK!

Calculating this there is potentially 24  babies each WEEK from only 2 worms or a population growth at a factor of 12 x every 7 days.

Take this out to 90 days and now your potential growth rate is:

90 days ÷ 7 days ≈ 12.9 weeks

12.9 weeks x 12 growth factor ≈ 155 times the worms in 90 days

A far cry from doubling!

The course contains 16 step by step lessons (more are coming) with the goal  to provide as close to ideal conditions as possible and strive for population growth closer to the 155 x in 90 days factor than the 2 x in 90 days. There is quick support and a Facebook group for students to get help FAST!

  Whether you're a relative newbie to worm farming looking to grab a little piece of the coming opportunities in local worm sales or a mid sized operator of an already established worm farm. Elite Worm Breeding can make your business more successful, more profitable.

What students are saying.....

Nina folch

Microbes in my soil llc - New mexico usa

  My first tray (with 383 worms) produced 2,106 cocoons.  Presuming each cocoon will produce at least 2 worms (hopefully more), I've just multiplied my initial worm density (of 383 adult worms) 10 times over!!! WOW!!!!!!

   My spouse (who is a bit of a worm-phobe) is so impressed with the results I now have a new business partner!!! Whaaaaaat??!!!! ... And it only took 21 days. ☺️

Chris lee

house of worms - tasmania

It's a great course mate. I'm loving it. I reckon you could charge a lot more and people would still jump on it.   It's funny too because its not like worms are a new thing... but the knowledge around them is and by sharing that knowledge in an easy to understand platform (like you have designed)... everybody wins!

Chris brewster

Houston Worms - Houston Texas Usa

 I just estimated my cocoon count of batch 4 and I’m at 5175 with 488 worms... that’s pretty much 100% efficiency. I thought my numbers were off but I was very careful with my calculations. Thanks for your program. I wouldn’t have gotten started without it.

Because of the level of personal support class sizes are limited to 20 students at a time


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