May 1

Finally A Supplier Of Blue Worms


   As someone that loves composting with blue worms, I'm often asked where they can be purchased. Being in Canada I wasn't able to supply to my friends in the USA. 

   Until now I could only suggest buying a mix from a shady supplier, hoping there were enough blues, separating them and starting a colony that way. 

   I recently discovered Tim at Sparkleberry Nurseries who is able to supply Perionyx excavatus  in a starter culture. He's been selling this on eBay for a while and recently added them to Amazon

  This is exciting for me, I love these worms and I know you will too once you try them. 

   These worms are a little temperamental and flighty at times, especially during rain and thunderstorms, but they're excellent composters. Blues breed incredibly fast, eat like mad and are really fun to watch. 

  Perionyx excavatus do best in warm conditions so it;s best to keep them in a climate controlled area, in a vin that's difficult to escape - like the Urban Worm Bag. 


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