February 14


Guide to Composting With Black Soldier Fly – Review

EBook by Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh

This guide to composting with black soldier fly larvae is Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh’s first eBook. He’s done a remarkable job of including a couple of DIY  soldier fly larvae compost bins as well as some good info on care and feeding. If you’re starting out with BSFL composting this book is at a novice level to get your colony going. If you don’t know Huy (his first name with Vietnamese name structure) hes gone from knowing almost nothing about soldier flies, to making some money in a side hustle by selling larvae within a pretty short period of time. He’s priced his book to sell and provides a good deal of value for the buck. Anyone interested in reducing their waste with black soldier fly composting  should consider giving this book a read.


black soldier fly composting

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