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If you’re like me, an avid worm farmer; you probably have wondered how some people are able to sell hundreds of pounds of worms every year and seemingly never run out. It’s taken me 3 decades, hundreds of hours reading and gaining the trust of the “big guys” to learn the insider secrets commercial worm growers hold close to their chests. With cancer rates rising, stories of nutrient depleted food, obesity from empty processed foods, the threat of climate change looming and the danger of depleting oceans of fish the need for alternative protein is imminent. Keeping these methods a secret is no longer a luxury we can afford. For years you’ve been led to believe that red wiggler populations double every 90 days. Research on the other hand says each adult produces (conservatively) 3 cocoons each WEEK and an average of 3 (or 4) babies per cocoon. Doing the math (numbers don’t lie) that’s a 155 times population increase in 90 days NOT a doubling. When I first started worm farming it was picking nightcrawlers for bait. I never dreamed of actually breeding worms, I’d just grab a flashlight when it rained and go catch’em. In the last 30 yearsI’ve learned so much about worms and worm farming that I didn’t know as a teenager. How to identify adult worms How to maximize reproduction for selling worms (as bait or to fill compost bins) The easiest species to grow How to always have mostly large worms on hand How to count and sell worm eggs (aka cocoons) or grow them into mountains of worms. Long story short I’ve decided to blow the whistle on these secrets as my way to try and leave the earth better for my children and grandchildren than it was left to me. BUT I’m going to need help, I’ve started putting this information together into an online course. I would like to have 30 people help me proofread the materials, critique the videos and try the methods and give me feedback. I’m too close to the project to be objective and I’m afraid of putting out inferior information. So I’m going to give the first 30 people to sign up for $75 some special bonuses. These 30 people will be my “Inner Circle” my closest advisers and also my confidants. I’ll give access to all the eBooks I’ve already written as well as early and lifetime access to every piece of work I create henceforth. You’ll also get “first shot” at collecting commissions for promoting this course (and other products) as an affiliate. Why am I asking for $75 if you’re helping me? There are a few reasons:

  • Experience has shown me people without “skin in the game” don’t put forth the same effort. I only want people who are SERIOUS so I’m hoping to weed out the freeloaders.
  • This reflects years of my life’s work.
  • As an early affiliate you’ll have the best chance of not only recovering your investment but also making a profit. Full disclosure: If this course was 100% complete I’d probably sell it for around $200 for your help I’m giving over 60% off. For now the material in the course is exclusively text, the videos are on their way.
  • This is the ONLY time this info will be this cheap and there are ONLY 25 spots. When these 25 spots are sold out you’ll have to go on a waiting list until the course is finished and pay $199 or more.

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Elite Worm Breeding Course 


This course is not yet complete, you'll be able to influence the materials and have a huge input. This will sell for $199 when complete

15 Tips E-book


Previously given away free. I'd like to make this better. Would love your feedback.

10 Biggest Mistakes E-book


Another previously given away freebie. I'd like to revive this one with a new cover and some honest feedback.

Black Soldier Fly E-book


Currently selling on Amazon for $5.99 It's gotten good reviews but including it to sweeten the deal.

Rogue Wiggler (Blue Worms)


This E-book about blue worms has been popular with readers for a couple of years. You're getting it included with your Inner Circle Membership

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 Larry J. Shier has over 30 years of working with worms and over 40 years of gardening and small scale farming experience. He's been advising and consulting gardeners and worm farmers on Facebook since 2012. His background in biology, biochemistry and chemistry give him an ability to find science backed solutions to composting and gardening problems. 


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