July 3


Is This Worthwhile?

  • Perhaps it’s the rainy weather here this spring. Perhaps it’s a feeling of spinning my wheels trying to counter the horrible information that’s out there. I’m finding my patience running low lately and I’m considering just letting it all go. Hanging up my hat and letting people keep making their mistakes. Definitely going to take a break from the bigger Facebook groups and stay in the more intimate WFA secret group. I’ll work on getting inspired to bring more information to you here but right now it’s not happening. Be around later if I decide it’s worthwhile.


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  • I kind of feel the same. After long period of being busy I often feel like this. Your head is thinking too much, solving too much problems that it kind of avoid all that thing from external sources. Try find another hobby to relax a bit, I’m back to kayak fishing for this winter, hopefully by sprint I’ll be cured 😀

    • I’ve had a pretty rough few weeks. Today was a a horrid day as well. I did get a couple of positive things happen today that I’ll be mentioning soon

      • positive things……ummm..will mention it soon. i do hope so cuz now you got me guessing. what ever it is lets hope it has and will give you a right old boost.

  • Larry if you need a brake take it you deserve it but please don’t leave us i for one have learned a lot blue worms and black solder flys that i wouldn’t of known with out your sharing rest up and we will hear from you latter
    May God Bless You

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