May 14


It’s On!!

I’m sure most of you know who Bentley Christie at red worm composting is. Well we’ve been online friends for a few years now and I like to rib him a little behind the scenes for his “worm mix” he sells. A worm mix is a whole lot of teeny tiny worms and cocoons densely packed into some bedding. It’s really a great way to start a worm bin, but the worms are so tiny. Well some joking around about teeny worms later and Bentley sends out to his Worm Farming Alliance  newsletter list that I’m gonna challenge him to a worm growing competition. He wants people to know about it because he wants to embarrass me. HA HA I got news for him, he will be the one embarrassed. I’ll post my progress here as this thing unfolds. We just gotta come up with some rules. Should we start from cocoons? baby worms? adults? are there rules about size of bin? Is it just grow one worm or is it our biggest from a group of say 5? Comment your rule suggestions, if I let Bentley make all the rules he’s gonna rig this thing lol. A lot of smack talk and maybe a few (badly) photo-shopped pictures and memes are bound to be thrown around inside the Worm Farming Alliance.

Regards Larry

P.S. It seems fitting to announce this challenge on Mother’s Day because; Bentley you’re gonna be crying for your mama when this is over!


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  • I was getting about 8,000 blue worms/lb when I had my bins up and running. This, young worms to start a new bin deal, is something that I was thinking about doing. After all, it is cheaper and easier to send a 1/4 lb of worms containing 2,000 worms than it is to send a pound containing 2,000 worms. 3 years ago, I was selling a pound(8,000 worms) of blues for $20 and could not get many takers. I had about 1200 lbs that did not sell and they ended up dieing over winter. So, I quit offering them.

    Perhaps one of the rules for your competition could be to see how small a package you can put 2,000 worms into.

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