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This book by the late Mary Appllehof remains a classic for beginner worm farmers. It's been revised and re-released from the original.  Any version you can get will give you a good start for composting your kitchen waste. 

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This PDF is an excellent source of information about vermicomposting and vermiculture and not just on the farm as the name implies.  Highly recommend studying this one.
I previously did a blog post linking to some of what I consider the best free resources online.
Emily "The Crazy Worm Lady"
Emily is a relative newcomer to vermicomposting and vermiculture. She's passionate and easy to relate to.  People love her YouTube channel and her blog is entertaining and informative.
No list of worm farming resources would be complete without listing Bentley "compost guy" Christie's blog Red Worm Composting
Worm farmers worldwide have gotten their start learning from Bentley.
If you're growing worms to grow plants, this book is a must have. I've never seen bigger, healthier looking veggies than the author grows. If you want to see some incredible veggie pics from the author check these out:

Worm Farming Alliance is a networking and learning opportunity.  Members are eligible for discounts on a number of products and there is unprecedented access to have your questions answered by professional worm farmers. To get the most out of your membership it's important to participate in conversations and ask questions.
Australian worm farmer Brian "The Worm Man" Donaldson carefully collected FAQ's and solutions to problems commonly encountered by worm farmers and created his Big Book Of Answers.  This is a no B.S worm farming guide. This can help you avoid and overcome almost any problem you might run into.
As more of the people involved in organics become aware of the importance of biology in soil and compost the demand for information increases. This site has a lot of photos and free information for those interested in looking at their soil or compost under a microscope.

The Garden Tower Project is about more than just selling their towers. They're providing gardening education to schools and communities. The owners are impressive in their philanthropy.  

Author Rhonda Sherman has filled a gap in worm farming info with her 2018 release The Worm Farmers Handbook.  Previous books on worm farming as a business all seemed to lack something. This book is easy to read and very well written. It's not at all what you might expect from an academic writing on business. 

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My own first eBook, this one is meant to look at  Perionyx excavatus (the blue worm) in a way seldom seen. Blue worms are often hated by worm composters.

Despite their temperamental nature blue worms are excellent performing compost worms.  

A series of posts on this site dealing with the basics of compost worm identification. 

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