November 20

Please Help A Veteran This Year


Help a Veteran This Holiday Season

I’m making a very unusual post today from my normal worm farming tips and tricks type stuff.

If you’re involved with worm farming on Facebook, then you’ve probably seen Wayne Tadlock. He co founded and admins the Experimental Worm Fun group and is very active in many other worm groups. If he’s not helping he’s dropping a lighthearted pun or cracking a joke.

Wayne frequently posts videos that are upbeat and fun – and when you’re lucky you get to hear his contagious laugh.

In some of his videos you can hear Wayne laboring in his breathing- he has a condition called COPD.

Even in illness Wayne’s chosen occupation was to be a health care aide in a long term care facility. You might not know that because of his condition Wayne had to drop down to part time hours and recently can’t go to work at all. Luckily he has medical coverage through the Veterans Administration. But out of work it’s getting hard for him to pay rent, get his meds and care for himself. You’d never know it though as through it all he’s still smiling and bringing a lot of us joy.

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all approaching I’d like to ask if a few of you would send Wayne some well wishes and prayers. If you are able to sacrifice one tiny purchase to help Wayne as he’s helped all of us I’m placing a donation button at the bottom of this post. Thanks to technology it’s set up that ALL the money will be sent directly to Wayne’s PayPal. I won’t be seeing or handling a cent.

If you don’t feel able to help Wayne right now your prayers are appreciated and if you could share this post so others might pray too it would be appreciated and I know he will feel the healing in his body.



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  • Tears in my eyes, Larry. I don’t know what moved you to do this~ but I thank you with every thread of my being. Yes, I do work in a small Nursing home. I’m in Environmental Services. I do Laundry, Housekeeping and Maintenance along with a few other odd tasks. I didn’t ask for help.. but I surely do appreciate it. I always feel prayers and good wishes. I no one donates a dime, I don’t care. It’s just really nice to know people like you are out there. God Bless you, LJ, God Bless. <

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