November 29


Potato-Dangerous to worms? Pt 3

After the first full week and the difficulty keeping the bedding moist, and the decision to add a cover to retain moisture the following observations were made this week:
  • Day 8 little changed
  • Day 9 can see worms appear somewhat clustered under the potato
  • Day 10 over half of the potato is gone
  • Day 11 almost all potato is gone observation- side of bin opposite potato has no worms
  • Day 12- dry bedding misted down, no visible remains of potato
  • Day 13- worms are beginning to spread out through bedding again
  • Day 14 November 27- bedding dumped, all 50 worms alive and accounted for. A quick look didn’t observe any cocoons
Worms fed more potato and Bin reset on day 14
Will go through bedding more thoroughly on day 21 for cocoons.
14 days and all worms alive
14 days and all worms alive


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