July 6


The Truth About “Worm Wee”

What is Worm Wee?


Worms do not have a urinary system nor a bladder, I can assure they’re not “weeing” “peeing” “whizzing” nor otherwise urinating.  So what is this stuff people continually call worm wee? The liquid that many collect from beneath their worm bins and call “worm wee” or “worm tea” is accurately called leachate.

Frequently the question is asked “how do I use it?”  “is it safe to use?” For me these questions need to be answered with a question “Why the HECK (feel free to replace heck with a stronger expletive if you wish) is your worm bin so wet?” You should NEVER have enough leachate to start watering plants with it. You’ve leavhed most of the nutrients out of your castings, you’re asking for anaerobic pockets in your bin, you’ve made your bin a muddy pile of slop AND there’s a chance because you’re flushing improperly composted material you are washing pathogens into your collection container. A few drops of moisture occasionally is normal but a steady flow of leachate is a sign you’re mismanaging your system.

So the unadulterated truth about whether to use leachate is NO because it should NOT exist in a well run worm composter. Yeah yeah I know someone will disagree, that’s your right but not everyone wants truth, sometimes they want reassurance.


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