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Introducing the NEW Urban Worm Bag

A Revolutionary Improvement In Urban Worm Farming

If you’ve been holding off on buying a fabric worm farm then you’re in luck. The all new Urban Worm Bag is a far superior product to it’s competitors at a very competitive price. In fact we believe you’ll find the Urban Worm Bag to be less expensive than the competitors bags with the decreased maintenance and all the necessary parts included. For you, waiting until now means you get the benefit of:

  • A system that requires less watering than other fabric systems (easier/less labor)
  • A COMPLETE frame kit (no painting or buying parts
  • Fewer messes to clean up
  • Shallower design means less time to harvesting (get castings faster and more often)

Sturdier Than Other Bags

We wanted to make The Urban Worm Bag stronger and sturdier than the competition; so we made it with frame pockets along each side, not flimsy tabs just on the corners. You won’t have to fiddle with zip ties or worry about the bag falling off the frame if a corner pops apart.

Get The Entire Stand

When you order The Urban Worm Bag you get EVERYTHING you need to assemble your stand right out of the box, not just the corner pieces. That means no trips to the hardware store, no cutting PVC, no spray painting the frame to make it look nice and your Urban Worm Bag will always fit the frame perfectly.

New Zippered Bottom Prevents Leaks and Escapes

The zippered harvest chute is an improvement over the drawstrings you find on competitors worm bags. The Urban Worm Bag will never leak castings out on your floor. The heavy duty zipper keeps worms in. Even the most determined blue worm will find it’s escape thwarted so you’ll never be scraping dried worms off your floor or retrieving them from a bucket to put them back.

Larger And Stronger Corners

The corner brackets you get with the Urban Worm Bag have deeper, longer connections. The corners are less likely to pop apart meaning you won’t have a mess to clean up.

Sleek, Trendy Look

What can we say? The Urban Worm Bag just looks good, you won’t even feelĀ  the need to hide it from guests. This could be left out in your kitchen close to where you need it. A conversation starter?

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From A Brand You Can Trust

The Urban Worm Company has been backing up what they do and what they sell from the very beginning. Support is just an email away. Going above and beyond for your satisfaction is what they do.

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