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Uses and and benefits of EM1


Benefits of EM1

Continuing the series on EM1 and bokashi today let’s look at some of the benefits of adopting this biotechnology.

Many of the benefits of EM1 can be enjoyed by several groups of people. Urban farmers, permaculturists, environmentalists, gardeners and even apartment dwellers can find a use for EM1.

Farmers, gardeners and permaculturists.

Originally Dr Higa used EM1 directly on plants and soil to eliminate the need for pesticides and fungicides with increased crop yields, it can still be used effectively this way by spraying it with equipment you likely already have.

EM1 contains microbes that fight odours from livestock, using EM1 in animal pens and even gently spraying your livestock reduces or eliminates odours from chickens, cattle, fowl, pigs, in fact all animals.

Some farmers use EMI in their animal feed as a probiotic and claim better weight gain and leaner meat on less feed.

EM1 is all natural and OMRI listed as organic for those with or seeking certification.

Environmentalists & GreenieS

This photo shows the effect of EM1 on polluted waterways ( source emrojapan.com)

EM1 has been successfully used to break down pollutants and clean waterways. It is even used in Japan to help reduce toxins and pollutants from water and land after damaging earthquakes.

Using EM1 on your own property can help create a “safe zone” from toxins currently existing in or around your home.

EM1 is an environmentally friendly, natural  odour reducer and drain cleaner too.

Apartment Dwellers and Others

EM1 can be used to reduce odours in the home, keep drains and toilets clear and with a bucket and some bokashi starter can ferment your food waste, provide a nutrient rich, living additive for house plants and reduce pet odours.

EM1 has a benefit and a purpose for every household.


benefits of em1

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