Why Join The WFA?

Whether you’re a  professional worm farmer or just want to be a serious hobbyist. The WFA provides support and networking to make you better tomorrow than you are today.

The Worm Farming Alliance was founded by Bentley Christie because he saw a lot of deceptive and just plain bad information being put out.

 He Began it with an acronym: MECCA

  • Mentoring

  • Education

  • Community

  • Collaboration

  • Advancement

That was nearly a decade ago and it still operates under the same premise today.

The WFA Team

Bentley Christie

Bentley is the founder and team leader/visionary of the WFA. From Ontario, Canada, Bentley is a professional blogger, househusband and proud father. Bentley is well known in the worm farming community for his website redwormcomposting.com

Quoc-Huy Nguyen Dinh

Huy is the technical guru of the team, he’s a web developer, accomplished photographer, speaks 3 languages and has turned his eye to worm farming and raising black soldier flies. Huy calls NSW, Austrtalia home and has a growing following on social media and his blog thelittlewormfarm.com

Steven Churchill

Steve has a talent for the written word. His blog posts are always entertaining and sometimes edgy. Steve will be working on content creation as well as some of the WordPress parts of the WFA website. Living in Pennsylvania USA he’s an airline pilot, national guardsmen and a proud dad. You can read Steve’s work at urbanwormcompany.com

Larry J. Shier

If you join the WFA top secret Facebook group as a member of the WFA you’ll undoubtedly encounter Larry. Larry admins and takes care of much of the day to day Facebook group activity. Larry works for his city in the transit department and is also a proud dad. Larry’s blog is thebluewormbin.com

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