July 18


Worm Farming Has Lost A Community Icon

This will be a pretty short post today. I just wanted to honour a member of the worm farming community that has sadly departed. Jerry “Worm Dude” Gach was someone I never met personally, I had several email exchanges with him and always found him to be sincere, honest and respectful.

Jerry carved out a niche in vermiculture as a major supplier of worms throughout the United States. He drop shipped for many suppliers and developed the Worm Inn.

The feeling I got from one particular email exchange was that Jerry was a pretty patriotic guy. He seemed very proud that the Worm Inn was American made and refused to have it made (even if cheaper) in another country. It almost seems fitting then that he left us on the 4th of July 2018 despite being far too young.

I just want to send out prayers and condolences to Jerry’s family in their time of loss and say “Worm Dude: we’re all gonna miss you.”


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