February 12


Worm Farming Revolution Book

Rarely a worm farming book  that’s easy to read, informative and has information you can put to use comes along. The Worm Farming Revolution is a book that may never get to your bookshelf because you’ll find yourself going back to reference it frequently.

The Worm Farming Revolution Book teaches you everything you need to know about raising worms in order to grow amazing plants, recycle kitchen scraps, or grow your own fishing worms.


At over 270 pages this is one of the most comprehensive worm farming books on the market written by a guy with years of practical and hands on experience (and still doing it too).

It’s a Return to the Founding Principles of Successful Gardening and an almost lost art our forefathers passed down to us.

Worm Farming Revolution Author With One Of His Freakishly Large Veggies.


worm farming book

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