December 12


Worm Inn Setup-My Way

Wooden Stand from Brian
Wooden Stand from Brian

There are several way to setup a Worm Inn or Worm Inn Mega. I’ll be using the standard PVC stand in my posts to show you how I like to setup.

. A friend of mine named Brian has a really nice set of plans on a “pay what you wish” basis. Leave the price at $0 if you want them free (I encourage you to send him a few bucks he worked really hard to bring these to us).

Once the Worm Inn is on its’ stand I like to pull the drawstrings tight, then loop them back around the opening and tie them with a knot I can easily undo later. This closes up any space that castings can fall from or worms could escape.




When you receive the Worm Inn, it would be easy to be disappointed. It just resembles a denim bag with a piece of mosquito netting and a zipper. There’s no special rake or bedding included. There’s no instruction manual or complicated vermicomposting information. Just a bag, 8 PVC corner pieces and 8 zip ties.



8 of these corner pieces are included with 8 zip ties
8 of these corner pieces are included with 8 zip ties

You will need to purchase 3/4 inch PVC to assemble the stand as indicated in the directions if you choose the PVC stand over the wooden plans.






frameOnce complete the PVC stand looks like a tall rectangle. The tabs n the corners of the Worm Inn are secured to the corners of the frame using 2 of the included zip ties on each corner.








Zip ties on either side of corner piece add stability
Zip ties on either side of corner piece add stability


Placing the zip ties on either side of the corner bracket adds some stability and helps keep the corners of the Inn in place.




Worm Inn on the stand
Worm Inn on the stand


You now have the Worm Inn ready to fill and add your worms.









setupI’ve unzipped and opened the mesh top and placed a bucket underneath in case moist bedding drips. I’m now ready to begin filling the Worm Inn.









start-fillingIt’s best to have a false bottom covering the bottom hole in the Worm Inn. Here I’ve used a cardboard disc from a frozen pizza but any cardboard or newspaper will do.




fillingI’ve begun filling it with shredded cardboard and paper that was soaked overnight. Many people don’t use the coloured cardboard or paper. It won’t hurt the worms and since I’m using this to grow more worms and not really for the casting I’m going ahead and using it.




eggshell2Once I have about 3 inches (6cm) of bedding I liberally add crushed eggshell or garden lime. Calcium carbonate in these is supposed to aid worm reproduction. It also serves as grit in the worms gizzard and neutralizes any acids from more acidic foods that may be added. On top of the eggshell I add a little food. Then I add another inch (2cm) of soaked cardboard.





I place my worms on top of all of this. Here I’m adding 250 African nightcrawlers (Eudrilus euginae)and whatever cocoons they’ve produced in the last 3 weeks.

I’ll be posting updates on this setup through the winter. I want to produce enough Africans to sell a few starter batches in spring.



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